Art history book 'Gouden Vrouwen' (2020) is published by WBooks. The book is a project of multiple writers discovering the role of woman at the Dutch art market in the 17th century. By using archival material and historical literature I portrayed Maria Thins, the mother-in-law of painter Johannes Vermeer, in chapter 'Gunst baart Kunst'. This book is a counter-perspective on the dominating narrative of the male painter in the art world. 
Now available in bookstores all over the Netherlands like Scheltema, Athenaeum and Broekhuis.
This book called 'I like this Ruin, Love' (2021) is an artistic research and is bounded by designer Ossip Blits in a way that makes the book an experience instead of a plain text. The book functions as a frame in time and shows contemporary thoughts on various societal topics. I contributed a chapter about personal manifestations of performing gender identity. In digital dialogue I discuss and unfold together with scientist and artistic researchers personal experiences in a collective frame.