'Near' in 'Off' (digital, 2021)

One of the works from the series 'Off' about perception and locating yourself in space.

'Among' in 'Off' (digital, 2021)

Part of 'Off' which is a series about recalculating perception and how it is inevitably connected to consciousness of your being in space.

Tactisch Toiletteren (essayfilm, 2020)

Using visual ethnography as a medium I created a work around fractal recursivity - a concept to point out that the distinction between private and public space ever changing is. I used the toilet as a social object to explore how people use their private space as a place to breath in the so called 'hectic life' at the West side of the world.

Only you knew (film, 2021)

In this fragment there is a constant play with grasping an 'Other'. This is to emphasize assumptions and open up the idea of a timeframe to explore. 

Only together in 'They used to call this the Soviet-Union' (2020)

In a photo series shot in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania the aftermath of the Declarations of Independence is made visible. There is a closer look at the cultural assumptions about the influence of the ideologies in the former Soviet Union. 

Als alles veranderen gaat (multimedia, 2020)

Trilogy about growing older and the changing manifestation of creating meaning in life which is always created in co-existence with time. 

I see them (photo, 2019)

In co-creating with the movie 'Only you knew' this is a photo that shows the power of awareness and the process of being captivated - by life, by the other.

Facelift to lift the feelings (multimedia, 2020)

This is multipage work of sounddesign, written texts, illustrations and photos. It evolves around the concept of resistance to growing older and the concept of immortality. 

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