About me
In my work, I examine humans in interaction with themselves and the world around them. While exploring assemblages of social beliefs and individual experiences, I disclose different elements - political, historical, economically - that you could hold responsible for the creation of our worldview. My intention is to show possibilities in order to create an open dialogue and compassion for diversity. Thinking in multiplicities enriches the experience of feeling connected with the world, so I repetitively argue. Through an understanding of the transitional state of being, through thinking in processes of impermanence and fluidity, the existence of endless possibilities is unveiled, instead of blindly staring at manufacturing forms of homogeneity. My work is therefore eminently contemplative and explorative.  
My major interests are the relation of human identity and their private space and the processes of constructing historical narratives and their implications on contemporary social belief systems. These two topics I currently combine in my short experimental essay film 'Open House', fueled by questions raised by my own queer identity and experiences. Using my background in visual anthropology, I examine the impact of historiography and the activity of labeling in audiovisual archives on queer identity in the private domain presenting found footage of lesbian home videos in the 20th century I personally collect, preserve, restore and digitalize for this project. 

Merel Raats (1997) 
“The self is only a threshold, a door, a becoming between two multiplicities”