If you don't wanna read the mandatory artistic bio, the following sentence is all you need to know: I use art as a form of social practice.
I'm interested in how people, from a variety of cultural backgrounds, give meaning to their lives through day-to-day experiences. Hence my focus on the human in all her states, relations and surroundings. I use my background in cultural anthropology and artistic research as a tool of research and a medium. 
The absurdity lays in the existing. While staring blindly at the normative structures of our society, we don't realize the universal experience in our dynamic beings. For that, I repetitively keep asking the 'why' behind the acts: 'Why do people do what they do?'. By showing the universal and common ground of the collective on the one side, and the diversity in individual experiences on the other side, I contribute to normalizing diversity. So I observe the existing to make the possible visible.
To develop my tools to tell stories I'm experimenting full-gas with all sorts of forms. This resulted in many essays, visuals, two books, 
exhibitions and invitations as a guest speaker. To most work I wrote a complementary essay using philosophical and anthropological thoughts on the topic and sources that fueled me in my way of thinking.
Currently I'm working on my selected filmplan about coming-of-age experiences in the queer community under guidance of Beeld en Geluid and Vers. Besides, I'm working on an exhibition financed by Gemeente Amsterdam, Amsterdamse Fonds voor de Kunsten, VSB fonds and NJR about freeing yourself from feeling caged by society with artist and curator Jikke Lesterhuis. The exhibition is called 'LEVENSLANG' and will be opening this summer in former prison Bijlmerbajes in Amsterdam.